The 4 best skateparks in London

You want to find best skateparks in London (UK)? Read this article and discover the best spots to practice your skateboard, roller-blade, scooter, and BMX skills.

Why London is a great place to skate ?

When you think of the London skate scene you mostly think of skateparks like the House of Vans or Southbank, but this city has a lot to offer.

There are a huge variety of street spots to be found

Where I can find best spots and skateparks ?

If you want to see all located spots in London or UK and aroud you can click here. This article will focus on the 4 skateparks/spots below.

1. Southbank Skate Space

Southbank Skate Space is located in the Undercroft beneath Queen Elizabeth Hall. It opened in 1967 and first used by skateboarders back in 1973. It is a very famous skateboarding spot covered in amazing graffiti (accessible 24 hours a day).

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2. House of Vans

House of VANS is a great cultural hub for skateboarding, film, art and also music. It is an amazing indoor street place inspired by LA’s infamous Lockwood bank. The area of the site is approximately 33,000 square foot with 5 separate long tunnel spaces. The main area is a concrete ‘bowl’, the second is a ‘street scene’ with interchangeable centre obstacles including a pole jam, flat bar rail and fire hydrant, and others DIY features, the third is a mini ramp. The 5 separate tunnels are linked together by a large rubber floor.
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3. Bay Sixty 6

Bay Sixty6 Skatepark is a great undercover skatepark in Ladbroke Grove with 3 main areas :

  • a bowl made out of wood (quite huge)
  • a street section with quarter pipes, stair sets, hips, ledges, funboxes and the infamous vert wall !
  • and a beginner section with wallrides, flat bars, star set and quarter pipes.
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4. Stockwell Skate Park

Stockwell Skatepark is one of the oldest skateparks in London. It is an iconic concrete skatepark built in 1978 and located on the corner of Stockwell Road and Stockwell Park Walk in the borough of Lambeth (South London). It features a wide snake run, ledges, quarterpipes, and flat banks.
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